About Us

DeVine Lux Clothing & Apparel specializes in offering high quality contemporary clothing and accessories for women and men.  Our mission is to help you look your absolute best and we have created our clothing line to help you shine!  Our products include women's pants, jeans, tops, dresses, jumpsuits,  two piece sets, lingerie, shoes, purses, jewelry, fragrances, sun glasses and much more.  We also offer men's jeans, pants, shirts, jackets, and fragrances.  We truly pride ourselves on the high quality of materials, great customer service and trendy design selections.  In these economic times, many are not able to purchase new clothing and they are afraid to be social. We are asking for your help to support our community initiatives. Devine Lux has recruited local models, both male and female. The Devine Lux models travel with me from community to community displaying our clothing as well as spreading our movement of Love & Peace.  Visit our website and start shopping today!